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  South Carolina
  Charles Fenderich   (1805-1887)

  WADDY THOMPSON, JR., 1842. Signed and dated in the stone as "From Life on Stone" and lithographed by P.S. Duval, Philadelphia's leading lithographic firm. Thomas Bruhn, The American Print: Originality and Experimentation, 1790-1890, p. 57, wrote that his "portraits overcome the conventions of the genre owing to Fenderich's compelling depiction of the sitter's physical presence." Two professionally mended marginal tears. Artistic lithography from this period is scarce.

This lithograph is from Fenderich's series of living American statesmen portraits. Waddy Thompson (1798-1868), a Whig congressman from 1835 to 1841, was from Greenville, South Carolina. He became the minister to Mexico from 1842-1844 and worked for a peaceful settlement of the Texas and California disputes. Thompson was adamantly against both the Mexican War and secession from the Union, and withdrew from public life rather than compromise his principles.

  Lithograph, 12 1/4" x 10 7/8". SOLD.
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