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  New Listing--SHEEP
  John Austin Sands Monks   (1850-1917)

  RETURN FROM PASTURE, 1884. Signed and dated in the plate. A printed title in the margin of the plate, below image. This phtograph is a detail, showing just the central, main part of the very long image. Monks worked in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. His landscape etchings and watercolors always included domestic farm animals, usually sheep. He even had a special covered wagon built so that he could draw animals in the field in any weather. His obituary in "American Art News" on March 24, 1917, declared "The American painter of sheep par excellence....the American Jacque." Great praise, since Charles Jacque was the renowned and universally admired Barbizon "animalier." In good condition; a 1/4 inch tear in right margin, well away from the image.
  Etching, 10 1/4 x 17 3/4 inches. $180.
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