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  Mary Nimmo Moran   (1842-1899)

  TWILIGHT [AN EASTHAMPTON SCENE], 1880. Klackner 10. Signed in the plate. This was Moran's small version of her larger plate in the NY Etching Club 1882 exhibition. It was chosen for use in the catalog, an especialy great honor for a woman artist. In 1882 a leading critic wrote in Century Magazine, "Mrs. Moran is, as yet, the only woman who is a member of the New York Etching Club, and no name stands higher on its roll...[Her work is] direct, emphatic, bold, exceeding in these qualities, perhaps, any of her male co-workers." An excellent impression in fine condition.
  Etching and roulette, 3 1/16 x 5 3/8 inches. $400.
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