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  Peter Moran   (1841-1914)

  CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF GUADELUPE, SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, 1882. White 9 (small version of Keppel 11). This is Moran's accurate, small version of the subject, commissioned by the NY Etching Club for inclusion in their 1882 exhibition catalog. It shows a Spanish colonial church (built 1808-1821; still in use) and men with burros in the (then higher) dry bed of the Santa Fe River. Moran was one of the first "fine" artists to travel to New Mexico, spending the summers of 1880, 1881, and 1883 there, soon after the completion of the railroad into this exotic territory. According to Clinton Adams (1991), "Peter Moran ...appears to have been the first artist to make etchings of New Mexican subjects." Moran made a total of 15, and many are rare.
  Etching, 3 x 5 5/8 inches. $350.
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