Rona Schneider Fine Prints
  Thomas Moran   (1837-1926)

  MULFORD'S ORCHARD, EAST HAMPTON, SEPT. 21st, 1883. Klackner 36 . Gilcrease 45. Signed in pencil. Signed, titled (written in reverse) and dated in the plate, On chine collé, printed in warm brown ink with rich plate tone. The original publisher gave it the descriptive title, "An Apple Orchard, East Hampton, L.I." Mulford was an early settler of the area, and the Morans started summering there in the early 1880s. The Gilcrease Museum catalogue states that this is "one of his greatest prints." Moran himself described it as "A close study of the peculiarly distorted and picturesque forms of fruit trees warped by the sea winds." A glowing image but it has a few very small scrapes around the edges of the image and several areas of gray mold, noticeable only in the upper left corner, about 3 x 1 inches. The print has been professionally conserved so the mold will not increase. Otherwise, a wonderful etching with the important central image unaffected by these problems. .
  Etching, 12 x 17 3/4 inches. SOLD.
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