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  Andrew Jackson
  [New Orleans Subject] Artist Unknown: American or British.    (Date of the work, 1836)

  THE DEBILITATED SITUATION OF A MONARCHAL GOVERNMENT, 1836. On the left shore is King Louis Philippe of France, near a chest full of debts, whose text reads: "The debilitated situation of a monarchal Government when puffed up by pride and self-importance, whose resources must be wrung from the people's hands. The difficulties to which such a State must ever be exposed." On the right shore stands Andrew Jackson holding the Treaty of 1831 which the French have ignored. The American side shows every sign of wealth (bags of money), victory (the ships Constitution and New Orleans), and a happy citizenry. Their text reads: "The flourishing condition of a well-formed industrious Republic. The willingness displayed by the citizen of a free State to serve his country with his blood and fortune." There are many other symbols, discussed by Bernard Reilly, in Political Prints in the Library of Congress. He also comments, "The print is well-drawn for an American print of the period and, considering the lack of an imprint, may have been produced in England." It had a center fold; otherwise in very good condition.
  Lithograph on wove paper, image: 12 x 16 5/8 inches. $800.
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