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  Stephen Alonzo Schoff   (1818-1904)

  THE PRELUDE, 1886. Signed in pencil, on Japan paper, a brilliant impression in mint condition. After a painting by Charles Sprague Pearce (which won a prize at the 1883 Paris Salon and is now in a private collection). There is also a preparatory drawing by Pearce in the collection of the Munson Williams Proctor Institute Museum. Although Schoff was trained as a banknote engraver, he was able to overcome the strictures of that medium in order to execute this fluid, graceful etching. In it, he captured the painting's dark tonality, which perfectly suits the image of the beautiful young Spanish guitarrista. This is a rich interpretation of the painting.
  Etching, 11 3/4" x 9". $325.
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