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  James David Smillie   (1833-1909)

  ROUGH SPORT IN THE YOSEMITE (A FRAGMENT), Nov. 1885. Witthoft 39. Signed, dated, titled, and numbered in the plate. Commissioned by the NY Etching Club (small version of his large etching) for their 1886 exhibition catalog. Smillie had been to Yosemite in 1871 and the etching is based on his several paintings and watercolors of this extraordinary scene of a wild, bareback, no-holds-barred horse race, accompanied by generous drinking, profanity, and gambling. The conservative, gentlemanly Smillie must have been amazed, and the scene inspired the most vigorous, exciting subject he ever depicted.
  Etching, 3 1/8 x 5 inches. $175.
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