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  John Henry Twachtman   (1853-1902)

  EVENING (or EVENING, DORDRECHT), 1881. Baskett 11. Signed in pencil, "JHT per AT." In very fine condition. From the 1921 Keppel edition, on paper watermarked "Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain." Baskett located 21 impressions; only 9 Keppel ones are still in private hands. (Illustrated in Getscher, Oberlin,1977.) This may be a scene in Dordrecht, where the Twachtmans honeymooned in 1881-82, or simply in Holland, but it is arguably one of his most wonderful etchings. Note the ghostly sketch of the inverted church tower in the water, indicating his reuse of an old etching plate.
  Etching, 4 13/16" x 7 7/16". SOLD.
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