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  Depression Era-1930s
  Rockwell Kent   (1882-1971)

  AND NOW WHERE?, 1936. Burne-Jones #110. This famous image was published by the American Artists Group in an edition of about 1000. Their purpose was to make meaningful art available to as wide a public as possible. On the original AAG label, included with this print, Kent scoffed at the fascination with pencil signed prints thus: "upon the receipt of this print and ten dollars I will affix my signature to it and return it properly packed and insured to the sender. But, dear collector, don't waste your money." This was the depths of the Depression, where every dollar counted: the man and woman Kent has drawn have probably lost their home. Printed on stone by George Miller on a full sheet. In very fine condition.
  Lithograph, 13 1/8 x 9 3/8 inches. SOLD.
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