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  William Charles McNulty   (1889-1963)

  TOWERS IN THE SUN, 1934. Ed. 100. Signed, titled, numbered and dedicated in pencil: "Towers in the Sun. 100 Imps. To Jenny and Max--two happy towers in the sun. From Bill 1945." The Chrysler and Empire State buildings were new and thrilling additions to the Manhattan skyline. McNulty was an indefatigable city-watcher, but
along with his love of the architecture, in this image he has added a humanizing touch in the lower right corner: A woman hanging laundry on the rooftop is a tiny reminder that all these crisp geometrical shapes of stone have people in them. Pencil Points, Dec. 1930, v. XI, no. 12, praised McNulty as one of the few artists today "recording on copper the rapidly changing aspect of our big cities as the changes are being made." His outlook, however, was to celebrate, not bemoan, the changes. A brilliant image in splendid condition.
  Etching, 10 7/8 x 12 3/4 inches. $1700.
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