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  John Sloan   (1871-1951)

  READING IN THE SUBWAY, 1926. Morse 223. Planned edition, 100, only 85 printed. Signed in pencil and inscribed by Sloan with these lines from a 1620 poem: "Her feet beneath her petticoat/ Like little mice peeped in and out,/ As if they feared the light." The sign on the wall next to the reader says "Rub with Sloan's Ointment," which surely was a double entendre. Sloan had made a similarly titillating view of a woman's legs and stocking tops just a week before in "Subway Stairs" (Morse 221). His sense of humor was pretty irrepressible. A beautiful impression in excellent condition.
  Etching, 5 x 4 inches. $2500.
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