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  John Sloan   (1871-1931)

  A THIRST FOR ART, 1939. Morse 306 iii/iv. Ed. 100. Signed in pencil and signed "100 proofs." Dartmouth College gave Sloan a large one-man show of 81 etchings in 1946 and included some of Sloan's comments in the catalogue, such as: "One of those exhibition opening cocktail parties. Enthusiasm resulting from the lifting of Prohibition prevails over interest in art." Elsewhere Sloan remarked, "They don't see the pctures at all, knocking them crooked on the wall with their shoulders." Sloan drew a solid mass of people parallel to the picture plane, all with their backs to the art work on the wall behind them. All attention is focused on the cocktail shaker.
  Etching, 4 x 6 inches. $3200.
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