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  American Prints of the 19th Century

Introduction and Inventory


As you view the gallery of selected prints from my inventory you will notice a number of familiar names such as Thomas Moran, Peter Moran, Otto Bacher, William Merritt Chase, Frank Duveneck, John Twachtman, Charles Adams Platt, Joseph Pennell, and European artists Félix Buhot, Adolphe Appian, Auguste Brouet, and J.B. Jongkind.

Many others are well known to serious print collectors and museum curators. These might include Samuel Colman, Henry Farrer, Thomas Hovenden, Stephen Parrish, James David Smillie, and R. Swain Gifford.

Still other accomplished artists, such as Frederick S. Church, John M.Falconer, Clement R. Grant, F. Leo Hunter, William L. Lathrop, and James C. Nicoll of that period are lesser known but definitely worth considering.

There were also a small number of highly-trained women artists who became excellent etchers, such as Mary Moran, Gabriel deV. Clements, Edith L. Peirce Getchell, Anna Lea Merritt, and Ellen Oakford.

Finally, I have American Historical prints, such as colorful Native American images by McKenney & Hall, portraits of such luminaries as explorer Henry M. Stanley by T de Mare and G.P.A Healy, and Civil War subjects by Edwin Forbes, Bufford's Lithography and Michael Angelo Woolf.

For a comprehensive list of 19th Century artists in my inventory click here.

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