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Stephen Parrish: The Etchings
A Catalogue Raisonné
By Rona Schneider
With Foreword by William H. Gerdts
Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Acknowledgments; Sources and Other Information; Collections; Entries: 1—153, with Photographs; Appendices I—VII: I, Sets by Locations, A-J— II, Dealers and Sales— III, James Claghorn, Patron— IV, Reproductive Etchings— V, The Critics— VI, Market History— VII, Fellow Artists;
Chronological Biography; Title Index; Index.

192 pp, 153 etchings, fully illustrated with b&w photographs, hard cover, on archival paper. Published November 2007 by The Old Print Shop, 150 Lexington Ave., NYC 10015. Edition limited to 500 copies. $175.

The following sections of the book may be viewed in Adobe Reader:
  • Foreword by William H. Gerdts, pp 7-8.
  • S51.  On The Canal — Trenton, 1881, p69.
  • S153. Venice, ca. 1890, p150.
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